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Paul J. Morehead is a lifelong lover of visual storytelling. He has worked in animation, taught graphic narrative, and animation classes at Universities, and is a freelance artist. He is also a yoga teacher (500 hr RYS) and Empowerment Process facilitator.

His missions it to entertain, inspire and uplift others through his creativity and content.

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Animation: Root animare, meaning “to imbue with life.” I have found animation to be an entertaining, moving, magical art form that brings different people together. It’s a fantastic way to educate, and share abstract concepts, and heartfelt ideas.

“What we dream, we can do.” – Walt Disney


Comics is a language. It’s depicted as the combination of words and pictures arranged in a sequence. 

I make comics to explores untapped areas of myself. It’s a personal journey that requires many different skills, and takes patience, discipline and perseverance.


Yoga is the integration of life. Yoga has no religious conflict, no dogma, no prejudice. Yoga is a science is extremely efficient, and can be followed by anyone, anywhere. I practice Yoga because it expands my awareness, sense of self, and opens my heart to the divine.


Since art is an exploration of self, I see the creative process as a way to navigate the inner landscape of oneself and unfold your inner potential.
To create is to tap the power of imagination! Which connects, unites and serves all who are open to explore their own odyssey.


To tell stories that help you live more fullyfreely and with more fun every single day. 

Transform your life. Anything is possible. Stories have the potential to change your life, and make it Radical once again. Will you join us on that journey?

Heart. Service. Integration. 

We provide a higher standard, with more integrity of heart, and an integrated lifestyle than our competition. We are passionate about creating content that transcends the current trends of time, and live out our sustainable practices on a daily basis. 

Paul J Morehead

Meet Paul J. Morehead

We craft intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, financial, physical and ecological content that is life-affirming, elevating, and evolutionary. Our products not only entertain, they uplift, educate and create value for a positive impact on our world!

Learn how to create from your imagination,  transform your life, and awaken your potential.