Do babies have thoughts?

Do babies have thoughts? Elizabeth and Neil Carman, PhD, authors of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth have been asking that question for more than a decade.

The Carman’s will expand your mind about who your children are and why they came to you.

I am proud to have gotten the opportunity to do the illustrations for Babies are Cosmic: Signs of their Secret Intelligence.

Babies are Cosmic redefines how to raise a child, it’s an exploration on how to unlock our full human potential. It depicts how there is an awareness, a primal intelligence and deep communication that lies within babies even before birth.

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All original digital artwork was created in Clip Paint Studio & Adobe Photoshop CC in 2017.

Consciousness Before Birth

Consciousness before birth. It’s a concept that science and the mainstream medical industry doesn’t recognize. In Conscious Babies, we explore the evidence of consciousness before birth which recognizes a need for new medical care that includes love, respect and awareness of the subtler aspects of life. 

This comic displays our heroine Val, choosing her mother from Heaven, and transforms into her “soul form” to descend upon earth to locate her mother’s house and eventually become her child. This was a version that never made it into the book, but I like the energy of the drawings. 

You are a child of God

Do babies have thoughts?

Cognitive development in Infants

Consciousness Before Birth

Cognitive development in infants. What if newborns & unborn babies had amazing awareness, memories, and advanced abilities? This book goes into depth about babies are sentient and aware of far more than we believe. 

Babies respond to how they are treated, and are totally self aware. They have a secret intelligence that is still unrecognized by most modern medical systems. 

How to talk to children?

How to talk to children? What do they really understand?

Child development from conception is what Dr. Dolto has explored for her entire career. 

Françoise Dolto, MD, (1908 -1988) focused on early mental stages of babies and children, and their first experiences and methods of communication through their bodies.
Dr. Dolto made it clear that parents are deluding themselves with the idea that “babies are rational thinkers and “begin eavesdropping on adult conversation – and intuiting the problems and conflicts swirling around them – from the womb.”
After being misunderstood and mistreated by adults in a way that seemed cruel or oblivious, eight-year-old Françoise promised herself she would become a “doctor of child-rearing.” Her mission to help parents educate and understand their children, and know that child development from conception is a powerful message for us all, and her teachings is still revolutionary in this day.

How to talk to children?


Child development from conception